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Other Songs is Georg Graewe’s long-awaited recording debut with the underrated reedist Peter Van Bergen. This new disc also fulfills the German pianist’s ambition of recording with the legendary double-bassist Barre Phillips.

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As with the Gudira disc (CD 1003), this disc was recorded by Perry Barrett at Blue Wave Studios in Vancouver. And, like its predecessor, the session was recorded during the du Maurier International Jazz Festival.

The music on this disc is dark, chilling, and sparse, but never foreboding. According to journalist Bill Shoemaker, “(There is a) fluent, fluid conversational quality that pervades this recording. Though the exchanges are as often laconic and punctuated by pungent silences as they are flinty and banter-filled, there is a sureness in each utterance that contributes to the overall mood of the program. This album has an inviting, relaxed mood, a bold stroke in improvised music.”

About this disc, Derek Taylor of the One Final Note web site says, “The artistry of all three is so consistently advanced that individual voicings become completely secondary to the patterns the three weave together. Sifting out moments that succeed above others is near impossible and ultimately futile as the music’s immediacy and delicate intricacy are only destroyed by such attempts at dissection. Graewe, Phillips and Van Bergen sound so unified together it begs the question whether an equal level of instantaneous rapport could be achieved on a second meeting.”

This release features a 8-page booklet with liner notes from the fine journalist Bill Shoemaker and cover art by the great German artist Gerhard Richter.


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