1015 Burnt Sienna


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This new electro-acoustic disc, the first on the nuscope recordings label, features the trio 2nd Outlet with saxophonist/electronics master Luc Houtkamp, pianist Cor Fuhler, and percussionist Martin Blume.

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This CD was recorded at the LOFT in Köln, Germany during two different sessions in 2002 and 2003.

According to Thomas Lehn in the liner notes, “The resulting identity of 2nd Outlet is their finely balanced, but not too serious, act of playing with both of their identities. The traditional elements are on one hand, and the timbre work is on the other. The traditional idioms are set into the light of reflection, questioning their idiomatic meanings, by letting them co-exist with very imaginative timbre emanations, which you can hear across the entire disc in multiple shades and shapes.”

In the Summer 2004 issue of Signal to Noise magazine, Bill Meyer says, 2nd Outlet’s “…billing as a band is telling, for nothing about this music speaks of overweaning ego. Which isn’t to suggest that they’re overly reserved; each player proceeds decisively, and the collective musters a vigor that any self-respecting energy music ensemble would be glad to claim for its own.”

This release features an 8-page booklet with liner notes from German synthesist Thomas Lehn and very original art from Dallas, Texas resident John Pomara.


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