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  1. hello all at nuscope
    i don’t have an email address for you that works , so.,.,,.,..,

    the trio of
    otomo yoshide —guitar
    masahiko satoh—piano
    roger turner—drumset

    have a really exciting recording mixed by satoh san from a concert at shinjuko pit inn, a very good venue in tokyo.
    the music’s not like anything i can really think of, and though improvised, doesn’t easily conform to any of the zones we might usually consider under that label.

    otomo you most certainly know of, but masahiko satoh you perhaps might not. i don’t know. he worked and recorded extensively with the new york jazz musicians of the 70’s and 80’s in new york, and you can check him out as an amazing young pianist working with steve gadd and eddy gomez on youtube. but satoh san, now in his mid 70’s but looking and playing like 30 years younger, steps into all kinds of musical territory as you would hear on this recording. it’s hot, imaginative and very out-there music.

    we very much want to release this music in the west, and have talked about your label and liked the mix of musics in your catalogue.,.,,..!!
    might you be interested?

    hope all’s well

    best roger

    turners-site .com

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