Here is what the press has been saying about nuscope recordings:

“It’s always good to see a release from Nuscope, which releases recordings of improvisational chamber music of the highest quality.”
– Jason Bivins /

“While these discs (CD 1018 and 1019) will not appeal as strongly to a certain breed of traditionalist, the artists’ varied rhetoric, steeped in multiple traditions, and the first-rate engineering assure nuscope’s continued status as one of the US’s finest outlets for improvised music.”
– Marc Medwin / Cadence magazine

“The disc’s (CD 1019) fifteen numbers have been appropriately recorded. The sound is warm and intimate, just what the music requires. The players are with you in the room. I’ll be returning to the nuscope label soon. A delightful discovery.”
– Mike Silverton /

“In a landscape in which small labels producing CDs of improvised music seem to proliferate, nuscope has already demonstrated its significance.”
– Stuart Broomer / Cadence magazine

“Establishing a signature sound for a group is difficult, but crafting one for an entire label can be even more problematic. With this release (CD 1007) and the others in its ever-expanding catalog, the label has accomplished just that. Following the precedent of such instantly recognizable sound merchants as ECM, nuscope has managed to retain a unique sonic fingerprint without compromising the artistic integrity and independence of the musicians.”
– Derek Taylor / One Final Note

“Although only eight recordings have been released to date, nuscope is already making an indelible impression. With an unswerving diligence to quality in both sonics and graphics, nuscope can take its place among larger and better established labels such as Winter and Winter, Songlines, Tzadik, Hat Hut, and ECM.”
– Allen Huotari / All About Jazz

“Nuscope is a new American label apparently devoted to Euro-American improvisation (bravo!).”
– Richard Cook / The Wire magazine

“So good to finally see a new American label…releasing CDs by the cream of European improv.”
– Bruce Gallanter / Downtown Music Gallery

“Like all releases on the consistently great nuscope label, the production and balance (CD 1016) is perfect, a marvel of warmth and attention to detail in just the right studio.”
– Bruce Gallanter / Downtown Music Gallery

“Many of the quieter moments here are so successful because the recording (CD 1017) is absolutely first-rate…The disc is a credit to Nuscope, whose output continues to be of the highest quality.”
– Marc Medwin / Bagatellen

“The recorded sound, as usual from this label, is clear and bright as new ice in the morning.”
– Bill Meyer / Signal to Noise magazine