The Art of Improvised Music

nuscope recordings presents its 20th anniversary releases

CD 1032 – Georg Graewe/Damon Smith/Michael Vatcher: Unhesitating

Unhesitating indeed! Pianist Georg Graewe, double-bassist Damon Smith, and drummer Michael Vatcher met for the first time at Oktaven Audio studios in Mt. Vernon, New York and dove into this wonderful recording that reflects the best attributes of each player. In its eight or so hours in the studio, this trio not only recorded lots of fine material; it also established a trio sound very different from the previous trio with double-bassist Marcio Mattos (Subsymbolism and Impressions of Monk).

This disc features cover photography by the late László Moholy-Nagy and fine liner notes from jazz journalist Bill Shoemaker, who also wrote the notes for Subsymbolism.

CD 1033 – Achim Kaufmann: Mnemon

In the same month that the Graewe/Smith/Vatcher trio recorded in New York, Achim Kaufmann recorded his third solo recording, titled Mnemon, in Berlin at Saal 3/rbb. Unlike his previous solo recording, Later, Mnemon is an excursion into some dense but never busy music that reflects Kaufmann’s tireless need to reinvent himself in varying contexts. From the glissando on the bracing opening track called Lending Speech to Leaves to the plaintiff closer titled Night Air, Kaufmann has recorded a memorable, fascinating memoir of his work which indeed creates a whole new language.

This disc features artwork by Kaufmann’s wife, Gabriele Guenther, who also provides four of the titles, and dryly humorous and insightful liner notes from Georg Graewe.

The origins of nuscope recordings began in 1998 to document daring, life-affirming improvised music with roots in jazz, free jazz, free improvisation, and modern avant-garde classical composition. The musicians who perform this music have the ability to stimulate, mystify, and move; they also have the gift to shatter preconceived perceptions of music and sound.

With sound artists such as Evan Parker, Georg Graewe, and others, nuscope recordings hopes to bring about fresh perspectives of improvised and related music. Although the music on the nuscope recordings label will vary—one thing remains consistent. That is, all of these musicians present their music, regardless of label, with added artistic value.

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