1005 Hornets Collage


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Hornets Collage, which features the first all-North American lineup on the nuscope label, is an exciting and varied affair. The disc includes renowned composer Scott Fields, who performs on acoustic guitar. Also featured on this disc are Vancouver-based clarinetist François Houle and bassist Jason Roebke.

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All three musicians composed for this disc, and also collectively contributed to five well-structured improvisations. The material veers from lyrical to pointillist and everything in between. Even with this diversity, the musicians on this session developed such a rapport that their sound is as coherent as any long-established ensemble.

According to Glenn Astarita of the All About Jazz web site, “Overall, Hornets Collage is lyrical, enduring, spacious yet subtly captivating as the trio pursue layered themes and sweet-tempered choruses while the music breathes life and conjures up vivid imagery proportionate to an impressionist painter of landscapes or dreams.”

This release features a 8-page booklet with notes by the well-respected journalist Jon Morgan.


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