1002 Subsymbolism


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Subsymbolism is the first release with the trio of pianist Georg Graewe, bassist Marcio Mattos, and drummer Michael Vatcher.

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This trio, which is quite different from Graewe’s well-established trio with Ernst Reijseger and Gerry Hemingway, displays Graewe’s knack for creating musically rich and intricate spontaneous compositions.

According to well-known jazz journalist Bill Shoemaker, “What is initially striking about Subsymbolism is its programmatic cohesiveness. Pieces ebb and flow effortlessly into each other; strands of color and texture weave through the program, creating new contrasts along the way. Subsymbolism is such a well-constructed album of improvised music.”

According to Richard Cook in The Wire, “This is particularly edgy improvising…notably fine.” In Signal to Noise magazine, Jon Morgan says “This trio has created a vivid document that never ceases to surprise, as the unknown lingers just around the corner…” In Pulse!, Art Lange calls the disc “Provocative music from a new label down in Dallas.” Provocative indeed.

This release features a 16-page booklet with extensive liner notes from Bill Shoemaker, various photos, and cover ceramics art by the multi-talented Marcio Mattos.


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