1001 Passing Waves


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Passing Waves, which was recorded in Chicago in 1997, is pianist Fred Van Hove’s first solo piano release made available to the general public in over 10 years.

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This disc displays the sweeping majesty and astounding pianistic invention and virtuosity of this underrated Belgian pianist.

In his liner notes, long-time Van Hove fan Georg Graewe states, “…what sets him far apart from most pianists in improvised music is his fine, elegant touch and his overall ability to make the piano sound. His command of such maestro techniques as tremolo, glissando, and repetition has never failed to take my breath away.”

In his web page article, Glenn Astarita of All About Jazz states, “Fred Van Hove may stand as the preeminant exponent of modern piano improvisation on this planet. His skills are exemplary and his execution of ideas indicates revolutionary concepts. Passing Waves is a landmark recording.”

Bruce Carnevale—1998 Top 10—Jazziz Magazine

This release features a 12-page booklet with notes by Van Hove and Graewe, photos by Dagmar Gebers, and cover sculpture art by the highly-esteemed Cy Twombly.


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