1004 Light’s View


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Light’s View is an illuminating release featuring saxophonist John Butcher and pianist Georg Graewe.

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This duo disc, recorded at the prestigious Akademie der Künste in Berlin in March of 1998, demonstrates music that effectively culminates years of a fine musical partnership. This disc is certain to amaze fans of both musicians and those interested in the art of the improvising duo.

In his liner notes, Marc Chénard says, “…the listener is called upon to be taken in by shimmering moments of quick fire intensity, or to revel in the precision of spacious single tones sculpted with all of the precision of a Webernian Bagatelle.”

According to Steven A. Lowery in Cadence Magazine, “Together, Messers. Butcher and Graewe have produced a minor masterpiece: Miniatures on parade, a nod to possibilities, and Music of the Moment. Who Could Ask for Anything More?”

This release features a 16-page booklet with extensive liner notes from noted Montreal journalist Marc Chénard, various photos, and cover installation art by the well-respected English artist Richard Wilson.


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