1009 Disappeared


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Disappeared is the first CD by the multi-national trio of Swedish pianist Sten Sandell, Chicago-based cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Chicago-based percussionist Michael Zerang.

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This music is a monument to how three musicians can listen to one another at a very high degree and create fresh and vital music entirely free of cliché.

This disc was recorded at Airwave Recording Studios in Chicago in April of 1998 and was mixed and mastered at the same studios in September of 2000 with the fine John McCortney engineering.

The three musicians gained a fantastic rapport with one another on this recording. According to writer John Corbett; “This particular aggregation is an indication of the strong connection between the current Chicago improvising scene and the vibrant Swedish creative music scene. Like Zerang, Sandell is a senior member of his scene; he was active in the mid ’70s, helping create the conditions for what would turn into one of the great musical contexts of the end of the ’90s. Lonberg-Holm and Zerang have been working together extensively for years, ever since the cellist moved to Chicago from New York in the mid ’90s.Years of working together, sussing one another out, learning each other’s tricks and learning how to surprise one another. This is a trio built on shared aesthetic concerns and masterful interactivity.”

In the Summer 2001 issue of Copper Press, Bill Meyer said, “Although its music encompasses vast spaces, the recording is hardly immaterial. Drums and cello scrape, spring, and carom like the sounds of sabotage in a ball-bearing factory, hurtling around and through the rumble of Sandell’s Cage-like piano preparations. The Swede also indulges in throat singing that evokes visions of an intestinally themed opera staged on Tuvan steppes. It’s hardly your pa’s piano trio record.”

This release features an 8-page booklet with notes by Chicago-based writer/musician/producer John Corbett.


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