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nuscope recordings announces the release of its newest disc titled Spill Plus with pianist Magda Mayas, double-bassist Damon Smith, and drummer Tony Buck.

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Stef Gijssels of the Free Jazz Collective blog gave the recent release a very strong review AND placed it as one of the author’s personal top 10 releases for 2014!

Here is the review in its entirety:

Just below the surface of silence things are moving, yet what these things are remains a mystery, because what you hear is almost the movement itself, you feel the dynamics, the precise intent, the elegance and the sophistication of the changes, the interaction of color and form … and even the clarity of the tones, and the physical intimacy of the acoustics are here to touch you, to envelop you, insubstantial yet profound, like the precursors of emotions sending out hazy signals, undefinable but real, enigmatic and present. And moving, in the sense of objects and in the sense of emotions, yet the question remains which objects and which emotions, because only the movement itself appears to exist.

A piano trio, with Magda Mayas on piano, Damon Smith on double bass, and Tony Buck on percussion, like you’ve never heard before.

Beyond the surface beauty lies hidden, now revealed in sonic shards, sharp as steel, or dark particles, sonorous and rich, sprinkling traces of calm in the nervously vibrating silence.

The downloads (44.1/24-bit, 1:1 WAV, and MP3 320) and the physical CD are now available.

This disc, which was recorded in 2010 at 1510 Studios in Oakland California, provides a prime example of how an existing duo (Mayas and Buck) can meet with another musician (Smith) to arrive at something new, unique, and quietly powerful.

Pianist Magda Mayas continues to develop a unique vocabulary using preparations and objects to explore textural, linear, and fast moving sound collages. According to one of her teachers, Georg Graewe, “I was very lucky in having several extremely talented students. Magda Mayas was one of them and has turned out the most determined, original, and internationally active of them all. She’s definitely found her own voice.”

Double-bassist Damon Smith’s music is rooted in the tradition of “free jazz”; however, he is very interested in all of the manifestations of free improvised music (jazz rooted or not!) around the world. His live and recorded efforts focus on continuing and expanding the possibilities of the double-bass and instant composition.

Drummer Tony Buck is regarded as one of Australia’s most creative and adventurous exports, with vast experience across the globe. As a drummer, percussionist, improviser, guitarist, video maker, and producer, he has been involved in a highly diverse array of projects. However, he is probably best known around the world as a member of the trio called The Necks.

This subtle and supple recording, with liner notes from virtuoso bassist James Ilfengritz, is certain to lure you in to explore its myriad of details and innovation for some time to come.


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