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Nuscope Downloads Now Available on HD Tracks

As of very recently, 12 of nuscope’s 26 recordings are available as high resolution MP3, AIFF, and FLAC files on the HDTracks website. Alberto Braida’s Talus is also available as an 88.2 kHz/24 bit download for those who have the capacity to download music files that approach and even surpass SACD sound quality.

HDTracksDavid and Norman Chesky of the audiophile record label Chesky Records founded HDtracks, which is a high-quality music download service offering a diverse catalog of independent music from around the world. As a result, HDtracks lets users download unencrypted files that play on any computer or portable device.

HDtracks is the premiere online music store for audiophiles who demand the best-sounding music possible. As consumers are left with fewer options to purchase high quality recordings, the Cheskys started HDtracks to fill the void. Therefore, nuscope recordings is proud to have many of its recordings available on HDTracks.

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