Robert Dick

Robert Dick, soloist, improviser, and composer, is frequently compared to Paganini and Jimi Hendrix as a creative virtuoso who has not only mastered his instrument, but also redefined it. He plays the full range of flutes, from the contrabass flute up to piccolo, including his striking invention, the “glissando headjoint”, which transforms the flute just as the “whammy bar” transforms the electric guitar.

Critically hailed for his originality worldwide, Dick is a member of the A.D.D. Trio, New Winds, Steel and Bamboo, Oscura Luminosa, and Tambastics. Robert Dick has also played with Steve Lacy, John Zorn, Mark Dresser, George Lewis, and a myriad of other creative musicians. He is well represented on CD, with nineteen solo and ensemble discs.

Robert Dick appears on this CD:


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