Randy Raine-Reusch

Randy Raine-Reusch is an improvisationally-based composer/concert-artist specializing in new and experimental music for world instruments. An innovator interested in extending the boundaries of music, he has created distinct new performance styles on a number of instruments. Raine-Reusch has also been heralded as a “very multi-instrumentalist” (Folk Roots Magazine), due to his ability to play many of his collection of 600 world instruments.

Raine-Reusch’s unique combination of experimental, contemporary and world musics have led him to record and perform with a wide range of artists. These artists include rock’s Aerosmith, the Cranberries, and Yes, new music legend Pauline Oliveros, and World Music artists such as Tuvan vocalist Sainkho Namtchylak, Korean kumungo innovator Jin Hi Kim, and Indian mrdingham master Trichy Sankaran. Raine-Reusch is the leader of the internationally touring world beat group ASZA. Raine-Reusch is also very active as a writer, artistic director, and media personality.

Randy Raine-Reusch appears on this CD:


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