Cor Fuhler

Cor Fuhler is, in the words of synthesist Thomas Lehn, “a beyond-all-musical-styles partner with an amazingly wide range of useful musical vocabularies contributed with care, clarity, and imagination. But, as much he is a musician, he is also an astonishing inventor.” Fuhler, who started studying piano and organ at the age of 6, later studied under jazz pianist Misha Mengelberg at the Sweetlinck Conservatory in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Fuhler, who has invented instruments as unique and diverse as the keyolin (a keyboard-controlled violin), and mbirinthesizer (oscillators and filters controlled by thumb-pianos), performs in several different ensembles, including the Fuhler/Bennink/deJoode trio, the Firts with Gert-Jan Prins, MIMEO, and the Cortet with Thomas Lehn, Rhodri Davies, and John Butcher.

Cor Fuhler appears on this CD:

1015 Burnt Sienna

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