Harris Eisenstadt

Celebrating 19 years of existence bringing high-quality improvised music to the public, nuscope recordings is selling CDs 1001 through 1026 at greatly reduced prices for the month of April. All CDs are now $7.99, all downloads are only $5.99, and any hi-res downloads are $9.99. Time to fill in those missing nuscope discs in your collection. Join us in our celebration!

Nuscope recordings’ new release, titled Parlance with clarinetist Isabelle Duthoit and pianist Georg Graewe, was released on Friday, September 16. According to Marc Chenard, “The musicians here have clearly made their choices, for they have chosen to work beyond the usual contingencies, and set up their own free-associative interactions as their modus operandi.”

Indeed, this disc, which was recorded in 2010 in Bochum, Germany, consists of 16 inventive and beautiful improvisations. The liner notes are from the Montreal-based journalist Marc Chenard and the artwork is by the fine Fort Worth artist John Holt Smith.

You can also access one of the pieces in hi-res from the CD, titled “Transparence I,” at nuscope’s SoundCloud site.

Photo copyright Dr. Heinrich Brinkmöller-Becker

The origins of nuscope recordings began in 1998 to document daring, life-affirming improvised music with roots in jazz, free jazz, free improvisation, and modern avant-garde classical composition. The musicians who perform this music have the ability to stimulate, mystify, and move; they also have the gift to shatter preconceived perceptions of music and sound.

With sound artists such as Evan Parker, Georg Graewe, and others, nuscope recordings hopes to bring about fresh perspectives of improvised and related music. Although the music on the nuscope recordings label will vary—one thing remains consistent. That is, all of these musicians present their music, regardless of label, with added artistic value.